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Message from Nickolas

Dear Constituent,


As your Federal Member for Parliament, I'm your local representative in Canberra.


I was born and raised locally and am now raising my own family in the St George area. Like many of you, I am passionate about the electorate and immensely proud of its prized-status as a peaceful area to live and work. It is a community brought together by various ethnic groups who live together in peace and harmony.


As a former Mayor of Kogarah City Council, and working locally, I know first hand what matters to the constituents of Barton and I am passionate about fighting for solutions to the issues that face our diverse community. I am so proud to be representing you and your family in our 44th Federal Parliament, but I need your help to represent you the best I can.


I would be grateful if you could complete the short survey, approximately 30 seconds, about the issues which are most important to you. I welcome your feedback and encourage you to stay in touch with me regarding issues that matter to you and your family.


With your input and through working together, I can be an effective voice for our community in Canberra.